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Transmission Machinery Works of Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery founded in 2011, which was set up by the institute based on the key industrial revitalization and technical renovation project of National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology – Non-Road Driving Vehicle Double Variable Transmission and Intelligent Control System Industrialization with total fixed asset investment of Yuan 130 million land occupation of 27000 square meters and building area of 15000 square meters.

The works has 188 sets of various equipment incl. 49 metal cutting machines, 23 heat treatment and physicochemical experiment equipment, 18 aluminum alloy foundry equipment, 18 hoisting equipment and 4 testing equipment. It has also several auxiliary equipment and tooling.

The works has Reishauer CNC gear grinding machine, DMG machining center, AICHELIN heat treatment line, Klingelnberg gear measuring instrument and world famous machining and testing facilities, is in the China leading position in machining high accuracy gear, shaft, box, heat treatment and casting aluminum alloy. Depending on R&D of Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery in construction machinery transmission industry, the works can provide construction machinery, building machinery and other engineering vehicles with design, development and manufacturing of gearbox, torque inverter and other transmission product.

Manufacturing Ability

Capacity of high accuracy gear manufacturing

      The works has domestic advanced high accuracy gear manufacturing equipment, which is capable of manufacturing cylindrical involute gear with module of 0.5-8, diameter up to 400mm and accuracy level up to the first level.
  • Switzerland Reishauer RZ410 CNC Warm Gear Grinding Machine

    Manufacturing Range: Outer dia. Up to 400,module 0.5-8, cylindrical involute gear

  • YKX3132M CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

    Manufacturing Range: outer dia. 350, gear width 150, module up to 8

  • YK5150DX3 CNC Gear Shaping Machine

    Manufacturing Range: modular up to 8, outer dia. 320, inner dia. 220+D刀,stroke 100

Product Showcase
  • Electro-hydraulic Control Power-shift Transmission Product Series Product
    Developed alone by Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery with independent intellectual property.
  • Hydraulic Torque Inverter Series Product
    Develop and manufacture single turbo and twin turbo hydraulic torque inverter series products according to customers’ requirements.
  • Aluminum Alloy Casting Series Product
    Contract casting of torque inverter impeller, high pressure and low pressure cast aluminum alloy parts.
  • Contract Machining High Accuracy Series Product
    Provide high accuracy machining for all kinds of gears, box, case, shaft, disc type and other parts.

Company Profile

Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery has comprehensive capability in generic technology research, perfect test condition, quality inspection, industrial standardization, product development…

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