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Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery is one of the 35 mechanical-electrical product reproduction pilot enterprises authorized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Its Construction Machinery Reproduction Technology Laboratory is approved as enterprise essential laboratory by Tianjin Science and Technology Commission.


Has organized 2 construction machinery reproduction projects from Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC and 3 from Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, has been engaged in the research of construction machinery reproduction generic technology and its application, has solved some reproduction key technical problems such as non-destructive disassembly, environment friendly cleaning, remaining life evaluation, reproducibility evaluation, reproduction shaping, reproduction surface quality evaluation and etc., has developed more than 20 software for evaluating new reproduction process and reproducibility, has compiled multiple national standards of construction machinery reproduction, 3 standards of China Construction Machinery Association and more than 10 reproduction enterprise standards, has applied for 21 patents, has established the first database for construction machinery disassembly and recycling since 2006.


Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery possesses more than 30 reproduction facilities like scanning electron microscope, energy disperse spectroscopy, hardness meter (Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers), electrical-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, impact testing machine, intelligent metal magnetic memory/eddy current testing instrument, ultrasonic detector, magnetic particle defect meter, 4-channel acoustic emission system, Three-dimensional microscopic system with super depth of field, PTA powder overlaying system, brushing electroplating, precision supplement welding machine and etc., can provide such reproduction like material analysis, non-destructive testing, coating inspection, surface shaping and etc.


Provide essential component reproduction of excavators, loaders, land levelers, hydrodynamic torque converter, gearbox, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and manifold and etc., customize special devices and tooling of disassembling and reproducing for customers, as well as provide other mechanical-electrical reproduction enterprise with technical service.

  • Scanning Electron Microscope and Energy Disperse Spectroscopy

  • PTA Powder Overlaying System

  • Hydraulic Pump and Motor Re-product

  • Re-produced Machinery

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Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery has comprehensive capability in generic technology research, perfect test condition, quality inspection, industrial standardization, product development…

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