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Construction Machinery and Hydraulic Product Quality Supervision and Test Center (Tianjin) (Test Center in short) was founded in 1984 by Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery (the institute in short) according to the requirement of setting up industry test center in the institute as a test authority recognized at home and abroad to evaluate the industry products, which was in No.46, 1984 document of Mining Bureau of the Machinery Industry Ministry named Letter on the Matter of Setting Up Construction Machinery Industry Technical Center in Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery. It is a third-party quality inspection institution approved and authorized by national product quality supervision and inspection institution and certificated by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China. 

Science and Technology Team

Test Center is the first one that is engaged with construction machinery and its component test, test item research and inspection device development in construction machinery industry under support of the institute. Test Center has a science and technology work team with rich experiences, highly qualified, familiar with foreign and domestic technology and well-trained, that consists of 36 staff (among them, 4 with doctorial degree and 13 with master degree) incl. 15 senior engineers and professor of engineering and 10 engineers. It is a structural reasonable inspection institution with a combination of 3 generation technology staff. Test Center has Yuan 26.26 million of apparatus assets, 7000m2 of testing area and 14000 m2 of laboratory, is capable of testing 57 products of 5 categories incl. complete sets of construction machinery such as loader, earth-mover machine, excavator, road roller, scraper, pipe handler, backhoe loader, paver, mixer, road milling machine, land leveler and dump truck, as well as key components such as hydraulic pump, cylinder, valve, tube, motor, torque converter, gearbox, driver seat, working device, four wheels and one track, electronic components and etc. Test Center is the first central management institution for R&D of inspection technology, test procedure, standardization and test device.

Business Scope

The main business scope covers selective examination and entrusted inspection of complete sets of construction machinery and hydraulic products, new product evaluation test and quality assessment as well as entrusted product quality consultation.

Detection capability

-- transmission: gearbox, torque converter; -- Hydraulic parts: hydraulic gear pump, hydraulic axial piston pump, hydraulic vane pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic valve, hydraulic valve, hydraulic unloading relief valve, hydraulic control valves, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic solenoid valve, hydraulic check valve, hydraulic valve, hydraulic motor, central rotary joint, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic hose and other components; -- cab, the driver seat: working equipment, slewing bearing, four wheels; -- electronic components: current meter, hour meter, fuel gauge, thermometer, pressure gauge, etc. -- the chronograph loader, bulldozer, excavator:, roller, scraper, pipe crane, backhoe loader, paving machine, mixing machine, milling machine, flat machine, truck etc.;

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Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery has comprehensive capability in generic technology research, perfect test condition, quality inspection, industrial standardization, product development…

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