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Talent strategy has always been one of the development strategies of Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery. The institute has always been insisting on the talent principle of “Enterprise understands talent, talent fulfills their value” and the talent guideline of “discovering and upgrading talents”. “Enterprise provides employees with the positions on which they create wealth, employees get paid based on it, and both enterprise and employees pursue maximum profits” is the talent concept of the institute.

During the development of Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery, excellent employees have laid good foundation for the institute to be pioneer of construction machinery industry. Talent is the No.1 resource and bases of enterprise development and competition. The institute provides employees with good environment for individual development and improvement, efficient incentive system based on performance assessment, colorful enterprise culture and generous welfare. In the institute, there is a scientific reasonable human resource system for talent recruitment, selection, utilization and promotion. All of those make the aspiring talents do their best and make their dreams come true on their positions.

Now, the institute employees have the same value with the enterprise, link themselves to the enterprise, are proud with their hard work and enrich their lives. Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery is a stage for talents to play! Currently, the institute has 5 super talents who are paid with Special Government Allowance and 14 Professor Level Senior Engineers. 32% of employees have senior technical titles.

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Tianjin Research Institute of Construction Machinery has comprehensive capability in generic technology research, perfect test condition, quality inspection, industrial standardization, product development…

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