1. Appearance & Structure Design Engineer

Duty of the Position:

(1) Design product appearance and structure and draw component and assembly engineering drawings.

(2) Continuously improving the product structure.

(3) Ensure smooth product purchase, inspection and production with proper design.

(4) Make proposal for product inspection and experiment and carry out.


(1) Proficient in CAD, PRO/E and other 2D and 3D software for structure and appearance design.

(2) Familiar with the manufacture process and application of the plastic parts, understand the accuracy the different manufacture process and equipment can reach.

(3) More than 3 years of product R&D experience.

(4) Proficient in product structure and fitting accuracy.

(5) Have the ability of easily communicating with design companies and associate factories.

2. Software Engineer

Duty of the Position

(1) Develop the basis drives for construction machinery electrical control products, such as instruments, controllers, human-computer interfaces and etc., move operation system, integrate system and develop human-computer interface application software. 

(2) Analyze software, demands, make schematic and detailed design, compile code and test software.


(1) Bachelor or above with major of computer, software engineering or other relevant majors.

(2) Familiar with development flow of embedded software and good at document writing.

(3) Good ability of embedded C/C++ programming with good programming method.

(4) Good study ability and logical thinking to quickly solve problems.

(5) Candidates who used to be engage in the construction machinery or automobile electronics embedded software development, especially those who are familiar with mainstream components like infineon and freescale are preferred. 

(6) Team work oriented with strong abilities of communication and coordination, capable of working under stress.

3. Editor

Duty of the Position:

(1) Edit construction machinery professional documents.

(2) Edit articles of journal Construction Machinery Industry and Construction Machinery Digest.

(3) Interview and report construction machinery industry status and trend.


(1) Master degree or above with major of machine building, electronics, construction machinery, Chinese literature, journalism and other relevant majors.

(2) Familiar with Pro/E, AutoCAD and other design software, proficient in office software, capable of handling with primary graphics; the candidates who use finite element analysis software proficiently are preferred.

(3) Good at writing.

(4) English CET-6 or above, capable of reading English original material.

4. Engineer in Charge

Duty of the Position:

Be engaged in construction machinery (mining machinery) research and development.


(1) With major of machine design or other relevant majors.

(2) Over 5 year experiences of construction machinery (mining machinery) mainframe design work experience, capable of acting as a team leader to fulfill R&D task.

(3) The candidates with custom resources are preferred.

5.Testing Personnel

Duty of the Position:

Be responsible for the testing work.


(1) Healthy with good morality, obey the enterprise regulations and agree with the enterprise culture.

(2) Junior college degree or above, younger than 35, with major of mechanics, hydraulics, hydrodynamics, testing or other relevant majors.

(3) Work hard and carefully with strong conscientiousness, good writing ability and teamwork experiences; be good at learning and innovation capable of working under stress.

(4) Be enthusiastic in working and team work.

(5) The candidates with more than 3 years of working experiences in relevant inspection or test are preferred.


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